Lantern Festival



For this event poster, I wasn’t quite sure how to create a poster for the event in the first place. I wasn’t sure how it will look and what I would do to make the poster appealing to the viewers. I was at a complete lost not sure what I would do. After a while I decided to go through the different images of the lantern festival for some inspiration. From a good look, I decided my template would be the red envelope. The main reason why many young teenagers look forward to new years. For the money! As the template I threw on the color red and yellow. It seemed way to bright so I used darker shades of both the colors. I even hand rendered the Chinese character “family” in the center of the poster.


I realized then that the poster tells the viewers nothing about the event except that it was called the Lunar New Year Festival. I saved the the file as a PNG and put it in Illustrator. Then I imaged trace the whole poster by accident, I meant to only image trace the Chinese character. In the end, the poster looks very interesting after the image trace process finished. Next I modified the poster by adding images of people letting lanterns fly into the sky. Then I image traced it and the resulting image turned out amazing.