new york [x4]

For the past year I visited New York about 4 times. Each time was a new experience going with new people each time. And with each new person it was a different adventure. 

unexpected dream

This trip was also one of my top trips. Didn't expect it to even happen. Each of us came from a different part of the country, it was really hard planning out the trip where we did have people that backed out too. It was a trip where we could see each other one last time before everyone gets busy. It was a difficult trip to plan, but an unexpected dream we had.

e x p l o r a t i o n

We had friends come with us from Japan to explore this first time visit park. None of us ever been here but the time we had with each other was very enjoyable. It was a random trip we decided on but so far, none of my random trips have been regrettable. It's time to get up and start your new adventure, right?


Halloween of 2017. It was a good trip, not one of my best trips but still an experience worth having. Living in Massachusetts closes to the Salem traditional witchcraft stories, that was my first time going to something like that. There were so many people there drinking and celebrating the All Saint's Day dressed up walking around looting candy. Being with my friends all experiencing Salem, Massachusetts was fun, we all enjoyed our time and took some decent photography too considering how dark it was.

Lost Boys in Maine|||

This is the dream trip. A trip that no one would expect at all. There was no planning to this trip, no thought put into it, where to stay, where to eat, nothing. We simply had the idea of going. With the idea of "go" in our minds, we rented out a car one night for a week and we drove off in the morning the next day. Never checked the weather, but lucky us it wasn't that bad out. We drove and drove all the way up to Acadia Mountains in Maine. To our terrible luck there were no more camping slots open so we drove further in and as we kept our eyes out in the darkness we saw one open spot. We set up the tent in the dark and did our best grabbing our sleeping gear putting it inside the tent. We were still amazed by our planning and decided to set off some sparklers, random but we got plenty of great shots and had a great time. Smiling and laughing, no worries in the air, it was a moment of true happiness.

In the morning we packed everything up and grabbed everything we needed and started hiking up the mountains. On our way up we danced to music, we took great photos, we took great b-roll, we talked we laughed and the only time we had our phones out were for pictures. The highest point of the mountains we climbed up to and saw the breath-taking views. There's nothing that can really beat it. The experience was so much greater than mere photos. Again, we were at the highest point of happiness. We went further and reached the end point, did that mean we had to turn back to the camping site? No, we took our tent with us so we returned to our favorite spot on top of the mountain. The spot with the best view of the sky and mountains below. We set up our tents there and set our gear up for the night. The sun started coming down and the pictures for the stars and galaxy came forth. The experience of that was indescribable. Once more, we were still at our highest point of happiness. If anyone was to put our mental state on a graph it would be at the highest point from beginning to end. Eventually it got too dark, we took out our mini stove and started cooking some beef stew in the tent, to our surprise it wasn't bad at all! Sharing our smiles and eating inside the tent with the wind, so strong it could've knocked our tent over, nothing got in our way. 

The next day we got up taking several more photos watching the sunrise. We watched the sunset all the way to sunrise and the experience to that was something more than pretty colors. It was something so great it affected our mental state too. We packed our things and started marching our way back down. Things got rough at this point but we still smiled and laughed, even got picked up by a park ranger and brought us back to our car! We started heading towards Portland, and on our way there we made a stop at a motel just to clean up a bit. After that we drove into Portland and made so many stops. The best blueberry pie in town, the best lobster rolls in town, the best city and towns to hangout at night, we made all those stops. Since nothing was planned it was whatever sign we see. We stopped at them all.

This was the dream trip, one that always look back at. A trip that I find very hard to surpass but that just means my next couple of adventures would be greater or just as great right?


Anime Boston 2016 was a first time experience for me to be going with friends. Adventuring alone is nice once in a while but after going to this convention with friends has been one of my life changing experience as well. From drinking to going to seeing people presenting their own artwork in their own way. Different art medias from cosplays, to painting, to even digital paintings. It's amazing how hard these fans have been working on their art to present to others. The people are amazing too, being able to coordinate a photoshoot last minute is something I've picked up from this event. Colors can't express the feelings I had during that time so I'll leave it in black and white. Maybe one day, no matter what people say about conventions being for nerds or what not, just try it out yourself.


This winter retreat was my second time attending. A time where friends know what it truly means to be family. No one knows anyone's background but as time went by it doesn't matter where you came from or what happened in the past. What really mattered was that we're standing here in front of each other and what we want to see from each other are smiles. Smiles and laughter and the time we spend together was our goal. We didn't need to understand each other, instead let's start a new journey together. An adventure, a time we can never recreate.


This last minute spontaneous trip I still remember clearly. I haven't been posting many things up due to personal issues but I finally found the motivation to get things done and thinking back to my adventures; this trip was one of my life changing trips. The spontaneous aspects of it was so last minute none of us knew what to expect. We had great fun from pulling off mock recon missions, lots of alcohol, exploring the woods, to seeing things in perspectives that not many people get to experience. We started off in a one of our buddies' jeep and decided to go camping. Of course it was more complicated than that cause we went late and none of us brought enough food, etc. We found the nearest motel and thank god that motel was still letting people check in. We decided to rest there and go for some rounds of beer in the woods in the middle of the night. Nothing much happened but from the things I've seen in the middle of the night, it was life changing. Ever wondered what under a bridge of a highway was like? Or what the woods that surrounds the highway was like? Insane experience, and that wasn't it. We even went straight into camping the day after setting up our tent and seeing clear crystal waters, we even experienced jumping off a cliff right next to a waterfall. 


I took much more photos back during the trip but been too busy to actually go through them. I was able to pick myself up and manage to get slightly productive. 

Back during the winter 2015, I took a two-day trip down to Montreal in Quebec, Canada to visit a friend that was studying abroad there. It's been a while since I actually traveled some place far and taking this trip up there was an amazing experience. Once we arrived at my friend's dorm, who welcomed us very well. Exhausted from the road trip, we had pasta and drinks prepped for us. We hiked up mount royal which wasn't a big of a deal, until it hit the evening. Once the evening hit, the view became DIFFERENT! We looked down from the mountain to see the city lights painting the ground like stars. Adventure in the frosty night that almost took away our fingers, but in the end it was worth the troop.

On the second day, my friend took us practically everywhere. Tourist attractions, food, cafes, etc. Places that don't exist back in the state (or places that don't exist mainly in Massachusetts) We went to Notre-Dame Basilica, street art, family poutine, more street art, cat cafe, more street art, manga lounge, and of course EVEN MORE street art. The street art are just simply breath-taking, every corner you turn theres large scale paintings, you can't miss it. 

That would be all for now, I can go on and on but it'll be much easier if you just buy a bus ticket or plane ticket to come up to Montreal and enjoy their simple pleasures that could be life changing. 


My little brother's last home drill comp in his high school career and it was a good one at that.


Hanging in the woods// 

Not sure what we wanted to do that day, but I am pretty sure we wanted to get lost in the woods.

It's lexi's birthday!!!!!

Here would be Lexi's Birthday. The things we went through just to see balloons being torn out of people's hand to enter a new realm. Yes. We lost a lot of balloons that day.

A day in the sun//

A day in the sun//

Just a good time to spend with two of my best bros. We wandered further into a city that we never explored and bought some amazingly delicious donuts for Lexi. A good memory to have and one that I will never forget.