|||The stars

Every star in the sky can be counted as a smile. Cliche, but it's kinda true. To me I guess. Whenever I start feeling down I can start by keeping my head up. Looking at the stars, how bright they are just shining in the night sky. They're pretty much a smile! And everyone knows how contagious a smile is, once you see one you can't help but smile yourself either awkwardly or weirdly. It's like trying to keep a straight face while someone laughs hysterically in front of you. Kinda hard at that point to try and keep a straight face. Well, that's why I have this series, a bunch of night sky stars, shooting stars to keep me smiling and hopefully it'll do the same for you!


Everything you can think of in life comes and go. Life in general comes and goes. Sometimes it goes too quickly and you won't notice what's left, but you can feel it. The feeling of losing something and not remembering it becomes very frustrating, but once you slow down and take a breath, you'll remember cause it has always been there hiding in front of your face. 

Just like these lights, they create a path we don't know about, that we don't see. Once you slow down though, take a breather and have your eyes adjust you can definitely tell what was being written. To the thousands of scribbles that expresses the writer's frustration, to the light subtle strokes expressing the lax emotions. Moral of the story, let's slow down and observe the beauties of this world.



An explosion of rays finding a way to leak through the forest. That's how any one of us can succeed. We're nothing more than rays of light trying to find some way to reach the soil of the world. Trying to find some way to leave our own mark on this planet. It looks easy how light can travel through the small corners of the world; we can make it look easy too. If we just try we can get through anything to leave our mark on the world. Let's expand our world. Let's have our world be a bit bigger each day.


Pursue \\


Not knowing where to go or where to turn. All you have left is God to turn to. Then you come to realize that you were the one in the first place to even turn away from him. Yet he still welcomes you back with open arms. Lets not take that love for granted anymore and instead pursue God on this journey. Pick up the cross and follow his words.

Pursue Editoral

Skate Night//

Just a night photoshoot on a bridge heading to the Van's Skate Park.

Night Photoshoot

Just a night's photoshoot

Fall conference 2015

The Fall Conference I attended back in September. I'm just really behind in editing but ever since coming back from a pretty rough weekend, I guess my motivation to doing work increased drastically. 

Anyways this Fall conference would be the my second trip in discovering myself. As a buddhist, I follow Jesus and I'm not quite sure what that would make me. My dog tags says I'm buddhist and my family says I'm buddhist, but my heart tells me to believe in Jesus. 

Hillary Bui- "Separation"

My beautiful model for the day, Hillary Bui. She was a great help to me for this series. 

You are far from the city. Along the horizon, you can see the city lights shinning bright in the distance. Separated by society with no one else to speak with. No thought in mind, no humans nearby, no social media to keep you busy. What happens next? What runs through your mind then? Would separation be something everyone fears of going through?  

Nature Itself

In this series, one can describe how lost they can get in the woods. The woods itself is its own universe. Being lost in nature itself can bring just about anyone to tears as to how beautiful the woods can get. I want to show everyone that being one with the earth can unravel many beauties that can move anyone to tears.


The main goal of these pictures were to give off a mysterious story behind it. In a way, many different viewers can look at these pictures and pull a different story out of it, but have the a similar type of tone. Negative stories, depressing stories, stories that are filled with sorrow. With the photos I present, lonely nights are represented. A type of insomniac feel as well, where one can’t really sleep at night and go through their own stress and problems. The models in my pictures were posed in a way that makes them look like they are in distress, or something to say that they have a lot on their mind. Taking a journey into the night, trying to clear their minds, but in reality having more thoughts coming to mind.